Custom Designs

Built around your lifestyle

McLachlan Homes offer a number of standard Small, Traditional and Acreage lot designs to offer inspiration.

Only you have the knowledge to create your perfect home, do you have an idea of what you want but need a little help putting the pieces ?McLachlan offer a Custom Design service, together we proudly work with you our customer in designing and building your perfect home.

Trust in our talented team of designers whom are able to work with you to design a home that perfectly suits your personal lifestyle, budget and tastes.

McLachlan’s  are committed to delivering a home that each and every customer is completely satisfied with.

This service is part of our unique design and building process that won’t cost you any extra.

Contact us > and let our dedicated team understand your needs and watch your design become a home that exceeds your expectations.



Please Note: Floor plans and artist impressions are for general purpose only and are not to be taken literally, all may vary slightly from time to time. McLachlan Special Projects accepts no liability for any change to any detail within above.