Chris MacLeavy's Testimonial

Dear Glenn, Angela, Andrew, Felicia, Theresa, Geoff & team,

We write to you today to congratulate you on the successful completion of our house at 23 Sage Parade, Griffin. It’s been almost a month now; and while we’re still unpacking boxes and figuring out where everything should go, it’s starting to feel like home … and we love it. When dealing with a project of this size, you’re certain to come across some hurdles and bumps in the road. However, we’d like to write today to give praise where it’s due for all the hard work that everyone has put in, and simply say a big “well done!” for a fantastic achievement.

Thanks first of all to Glenn Bergin. Your explanations of how this whole ‘house-building thing’ works in words that first home owners could easily understand, and your patience with our long lists of questions and return visits was very much appreciated. Your flexibility with design, availability (Chris liked to make after-hours phone calls) and communication skills – as well as your continued input, advice and availability throughout the entire course of the project – are truly an asset to the success of the team. Recognition is also needed here for you for the many times that you liaised with Brad in the early stages, helping with challenges and particularly in providing assistance financially when the council became difficult (even after redesigning our entire floor plan) – please pass on huge thanks to Brad for his kindness during those times – we have already been mentioning SWH to many friends for reasons such as this. Thank you very much.

Thanks to Andrew Thew for your behind-the-scenes work. We know that you undoubtedly did far more work than we witnessed personally – but what we did see from you was quick responses when we asked for them, and with information which was clear and concise. Your understanding of the ins and outs of how the finer points of our project fit together were evident at all times, and for that we are very grateful.

Thanks to Angela Higham for emails which were always happy (I guess because we were sending you large sums of money…) and for sending through photos at various stages so we could share them. We found you to be very efficient, always accurate (even when the banks seemed completely clueless), and most importantly – we could always hear you smiling on the phone :-)

Thanks next to Felicia KamYuen; your tireless efforts at chasing the council, the bank, the council, the bank again… certainly did not go unnoticed, and your frequent and timely email responses helped everything to run smoothly, and keep us both informed as we waited for approvals etc. You also deserve a medal for your endurance, and for copping more than one flustered phone call from Chris! We appreciate everything that you contributed to the speedy completion of our home, and say a warm thank you for your part in a home that we love :-)

Theresa Lymbery. Chris counted 50 emails going back to 6th April; with everything from variations, contact details, and every odds&ends query for Andrew/Angela/Geoff/Anyone to answer – you’re amazing! Whether it is in your job description or not, you were adopted as the go-to person for every left-field question or query for contractors or suppliers, and if you didn’t know the answer it didn’t take you very long to find out! Your understanding and resourcefulness is a valuable contribution to what keeps SWH a well-oiled machine.

Geoff Shultz – The Champion. Your attention to detail, precision of accuracy, and continued passion for excellence is inspiring. With you driving our project on the ground, we went to work every day knowing that every person who stepped on to your job site was going to fulfill their duty to the highest possible standard, or do it over again. No one can match your constant communication or your level of skill as both a builder and a project manager. With Geoff Shultz at the helm, somehow we knew every nail would be exactly where it should be, and every stroke of paint seamless. You’re worth every ounce of your weight in gold.

In closing, please share with us the sense of pride and accomplishment for building such a wonderful home; you’re all definitely worth more money. We will be sure to speak highly of McLachlan Homes and StyleWise Homes to friends and prospective house-builders in the years to come.

Thank you all again.

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